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Good afternoon parents,
Time past really fast, and we are glad to announce that we are launching our June Holiday programme 2018!

This June holiday, we are launching a new craft programme for crafty lovers,
you can paint fruity dessert on coaster; all up ready to be painted accompanied with our 2 other program combine

We will be having our usual Early Bird Promotion so sign up early to enjoy the discount! 🐦
of 15%

We do have other promotions on offer which are;

1. When you sign up with 6 children altogether (same or different themes, payment made in single a receipt) you are entitled to 20% special group discount!

2. When you sign up for 3 themes and above, you are eligible for our 20% discount!
(Multiple themes within the family members, provided that they are siblings are eligible for 20% discount too)

To avoid any disappointment, do hurry and give us a call to book a slot for your little artists.

Do give us a call at 011 37334682
or drop us an email at info@heartstudiomy.com

Thank you, have a great week ahead!

We will see you soon this holiday programme!!



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  • 星期三01:30pm to 09:00pm
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  • 星期五08:30am to 09:00pm
  • 星期六08:30am to 09:00pm
  • 星期日09:00am to 06:00pm
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